With sensitive data residing everywhere within an enterprise network, and with hybrid cloud integrating into enterprise existing network architecture, there is a need for advanced data protection solutions to ensure that sensitive data is protected and controlled – both on-premises and in public and private clouds.


Data-at-Rest and Data-in-Motion Encryption Solution

To reduce the risk posed by malicious hackers and social engineering, organization need to utilize encryption to protect data within your network, be it on-premises, public cloud and hybrid environments. This include data at rest in application, file and web servers, databases and network attached storage, as well as traversing data across your network.

It offers granular encryption and role-based access control for structured and unstructured data residing in databases, applications, files and storage containers. Organizations can both retain control and audit of their data and meet compliance standards by ensuring only authorized individuals are able to decrypt and view the required information.


Crypto Management Solution

Deploying a secure crypto management platform is the optimal way to protect your organization cryptographic keys.

With the use of encryption, the risk is transferred from the data itself to the cryptographic keys. Malicious users can decrypt data, create fraudulent and certificates with a copy of the private key. Therefore it is essential that the solution must be able to securely manage, store and use keys. The approach is built upon a foundation of cryptographically strong keys, enterprise key management, centralized crypto resource management and the use of a hardware root of trust.