Enterprise data usage grows year on year and it is always been a challenge for the IT team to keep increasing the purchased bandwidth pipe with the ISPs with a defined budget. Network teams will need to get more out of the existing network infrastructure that they already have.

Network Traffic Management and Monitoring Solution

With Procera Traffic Management, operators can identify the insights to their network traffic and create new policies to best meet the ever changing needs of their network and users. It also helps to improve users experience by prioritizing the high-value applications and real-time services in the network.

With introduction of new departments/employees in to the company, enterprises needs to be prepared for sudden spikes in their network utilization and be able to protect & prioritize the quality of traffic for sensitive applications such as Voice over IP, to provide a satisfactory experience for the majority of their users.

Network Functions Virtualization Solution

With the Juniper Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) carrier-grade solution architecture, you will be able to tailor and choose the components and network elements to suit your organization needs. It enables you to lower your total cost of ownership through automation while improving visibility and simplifying your operations. The DevOps open-platform approach minimizes risks by avoiding vendor lock-in and to rapidly deliver new services to market when needed.

The NFV solution framework includes a programmable cloud reference architecture which leverages Contrail for a turnkey management and orchestration platform, intelligent services edge to give you visibility and control in software-defined networks (SDN), virutalized network functions on the vSRX and vMX virtual platforms and management systems to simplify network, switching and security functions.

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